What is The Lytro–izer?

The Lytro–izer offered a once–in–a–lifetime chance to have your most creative photos transformed into a claymation scene, which was then photographed with a Lytro camera and turned into a living picture that could be shared with family and friends.

Lytro invited people from across the globe to submit their most creative photo – funny, dramatic, or just plain weird – via Twitter to the Lytro–izer.

Over the course of three days (December 4–6), the Lytro–izer selected its favorite photos and transformed them into claymation scenes. If a photo was selected, those people were notified via Twitter with a link to their picture, which all live here on this site for you to see. Thanks to all of you who submitted awesome photos! The Lytro–izer has gone back into hibernation for the winter, but keep a look out – you never know when we'll awaken it next.

The Lytro–izer: A Holiday Tradition

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How long will the Lytro–izer be running?

The Lytro–izer’s holiday miracle will last for just three days. The Lytro–izer will be in operation from 7am PT on Tuesday, December 4th, until midnight PT on Thursday, December 6th. Lytro will start accepting photo submissions as of noon PT on December 3rd with final submissions accepted at 10pm PT on December 6th.

What will the Lytro–izer be looking for?

The Lytro–izer is looking for creative photos that are funny, dramatic, or just plain weird. The best candidates will tell some kind of story. Please, don't try to get us in trouble. Submit only pictures that were taken by you or for which you have the author's permission. Don't violate others' privacy – if others are in the picture, make sure they don't mind having their picture Lytro–ized and made public.

Who is behind the Lytro–izer?

The Lytro–izer is a collaboration between Lytro and Screen Novelties, the award–winning stop–motion animation team that's credited with animating MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, It's a SpongeBob Christmas holiday special, and Robot Chicken.

How can I improve my chances of being selected?

Really think your photo has what it takes to challenge the Lytro–izer? Invite your friends to support your cause. Retweets of your submission can up your chances for being considered.

How do I submit?

To submit to the Lytro–izer, just log in to your Twitter account and prepare a new tweet. Attach the photo you'd like Lytro–ized. Then tweet @Lytro why you’d like your photo Lytro–ized and include the #LytroMe hashtag. The Lytro–izer will review submissions over the course of 72 hours.

How will I know if my photo has been chosen?

You will receive a tweet from @Lytro telling you that your photo has been Lytro–ized. You'll receive a link to your very own claymation living picture, which you can then brag about to friends and family.

How do I share?

Each Lytro–ized pictured will be posted to Lytro.me along with the original photo that inspired it. To the left of each picture, you will find options to share — via Facebook, Twitter, embed in your Tumblr blog, or email a link.

Does my submission have to be a holiday photo?

No. In fact, the funnier, more dramatic and weirder the better.

What is the Privacy Policy for The Lytro–izer?

If you submit a photo to be Lytro–ized and it is chosen, we will transform it into a claymation scene. Then, we will take a picture of the scene with a Lytro camera and publish the Lytro–ized picture and the original submission on lytro.me. We may also share anything published on lytro.me in our social channels, via email or in other marketing channels. Pictures that are not chosen will still be viewable in the Twitter feed as a submission. Thus, any submitted picture will not be private.

Some links on lytro.me take you to our website, Lytro.com. The Privacy Policy of Lytro.com can be found here.