Discover a new kind of camera.

And a new kind of creativity.


You'll never think about pictures the same way.

The Lytro camera lets you create living pictures that you can endlessly refocus after you take them. Share your pictures online, and your friends can instantly refocus them just like you do. Your pictures are about to surprise you – and everyone else.

Click on this living picture to refocus. Click and drag to play with Perspective Shift.

See the light. All of it.

The Lytro camera lets you capture and share what you see in a whole new way. It's the first consumer camera that records the entire light field – all the rays of light traveling in every direction through a scene – instead of a flat 2D image. And that changes everything.

Shoot now. Focus… whenever.

By capturing the light field, you can do incredible things. Like refocus pictures after you take them. Tap the touchscreen on whatever part of the picture you want to bring into focus – or, once a picture is imported into your computer, click to refocus.

Do more than tell a story. Recreate it.

Refocus to discover new elements within the scene and move the picture in any direction to change your perspective. Use Living Filters to create a unique look. Now every picture you take is a chance to tell a new kind of story.

Too much fun to keep to yourself.

The free Lytro Desktop lets you import your living pictures to your computer. Then, easily share them to the web, Facebook, Twitter, and more, so your friends can refocus and shift perspective with the pictures. Your pictures are going to be very popular.